Sweden’s actions in the global crisis of Coronavirus

The actions of the Swedish Central Bank
Sweden's decision to fight the coronavirus

The Swedish Central Bank Has Fired Up the Printing Presses

The Swedish central bank, Riksbanken, the world’s oldest-running operation of its kind, has predictably responded to the crisis by starting the printing presses. They’ve promised banks a 500 billion SEK ($55 billion) credit line to “grease” the wheels, making sure there is enough liquidity in the system. Riksbanken chief Stefan Ingves has also stated that there are no limits to how much these presses can print, carefully avoiding the term QE (quantitative easing). Ingves also stated at a press conference last month:

The Riksbank stands ready to do more if and when necessary to help the Swedish economy get through this crisis as well.

Citing liquidity problems on the financial markets, the Swedish central bank is now planning to buy government, corporate and mortgage bonds. It is also auctioning USD-denominated loans for around $70 billion. Riksbanken has already increased its government bond-buying target by $30 billion, after leaving its most important interest rate — the overnight repurchase rate — at zero percent.

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