C Series (calculator all parameters)

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calculator all parameters in mili second for best profit



How to use C-Series ;

This indicator has 3 objects;

The green line, aqua line and “BUY” shape.

The “BUY” shape is the enter signal that on the ARANCO ATS group indicator is stable and is fixed.

This indicator is available for all of the time frame.

It works in 5,15,30,45 and etc. that your choice.

Important parameters are:

  • The green line is the last buy price signal
  • the aqua line is the last sell target
  • When the “BUY” shape has appeared wait for close that candle and “BUY” shape is available
  • After that, all of the lines will be drawing new target and you allow to enter a trading position
  • this indicator selected Hight profit for you and It set up as the default
  • Wonderful point; in the setting of indicator, Enter the amount of your bitcoin capital, the indicator will be calculating and show you best and the most appropriate of selected that you can amount of select to trade.

in this indicator buy shape available and new target line (green and aqua) will be drowned
* if until any candle or shadows don’t touch aqua line, buy target is available other than signal buy is failed

** if the price drops down, you have the option of repurchasing to manage your risk and capital

ARANCO Group has provided a unique gateway to further secure trading by presenting its unique indicator.
For product features and specifications, see the product wiki on the site.





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