T_SEREAS INDICATORS WIKI << Time shelled scanner >>

90% of traders lose their money in High Financial Fluctuation Markets but you will be use ARANCO-ATS Tools and Indicator.

Read carefully this WIKI to use better than of T_SEREAS ARANCO INDICATORS.

On the Tradingview chart select your time frame and open indicator list.

On the left side, open invite-only scripts and click on “Aran_crypto_Time shelled scanner”.

This is your ARANCO ATS product’s that you buy from the “” store.

Close this page and wait for your indicator loading line in the chart.

If the name of indicator on top of the chart page is red connect us whit Email address after sure your indicator time is available

What is T series;

If this indicator uses in standard timeframes that suggested from tradingview, aqua line and the red line will be shown but, in another timeframe, the red line will be hidden.

This indicator checks all last timeframe for example on 15 minutes, Artificial intelligence and neural network check “6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15” minutes by minutes.

Yes, 10 times will be check-in millisecond calculate with Artificial intelligence and neural network.

If Artificial intelligence and neural network find any signal, the red line is top profit in all time and the aqua line is average of all of the timeframe.

It is mandatory to use the BASIC Account for the simultaneous call of an indicator.

This assistant designed by ARANCO ATS group and so useful for traders.

This indicator is everything of you need because save your time


Let’s go to use and understanding all set.

How to use it;

Firstly, this indicator uses Artificial intelligence and neural network to calculating and scan all parameters that make change price.

After that, open indicators from “invite-only script” in your tradingview and wait for Artificial intelligence and neural network finish works.

This indicator has 3 objects:

a green line and an aqua line and a shape (BUY) that shows the enter signal and wait for the candle closed.

In this indicator, when the signal is issued, the validity of the blue line is not used only once! Yes, you can buy again and again until the price of the red line touches the target.

After the red line is touched by the price, the signal loses its validity and we no longer make purchases, waiting for the new “BUY” signal.

To understanding powerful this indicator, for example in 1hour timeframe Artificial intelligence and neural network can monitor “33,36,39,42,45,48,50,51,54,57,60” minutes

In daily timeframe Artificial intelligence and neural network can monitor “900,960,1020,1080,1440” minutes.

This indicator can monitor several timeframes shows you all parameters with the best open trade position.

for more example follow us on tradingview

ARANCO indicators help you to save big time that you don’t need to study fundamental and technical.

We hope to help you to save money in the High Financial Fluctuation Markets.

Make money and beautiful day.


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