50% of Miners Polled Believe Bitcoin Will See a Price Increase After the Next Halving

Increase the value of bitcoin
Miners waiting for bitcoin to rise

Survey Shows 50% of Miners Expect a Price Increase

When Satoshi Nakamoto designed the Bitcoin network, he created a system that cuts the block reward in half every 210,000 blocks (4 years). The infrastructure is predictable by design and we know that the BTC inflation rate will drop from 3.6% to 1.8% per annum after the halving in 32 days. The bitcoin halving is expected to happen on or around May 13, 2020, and there will be 63 halvings remaining after this one.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) halving took place on April 8 and the Bitcoinsv (BSV) reward reduction happened 24 hours later. At the time of publication, miners hashing away at the BTC chain have around 110 EH/s dedicated to the network. With a month left to go, many BTC supporters think that the halving will make the price rise higher due to the natural effects of scarcity mixed with current demand.


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