11 Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Against Cryptocurrency Companies

Complaints against cryptocurrency companies
11 Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Against Cryptocurrency Companies

The Crypto Industry’s “Litigation Boutique” Files 11 Class-Action Lawsuits Against Various Digital Currency Firms

The New York law firm Roche Cyrulnik Freedman has been busy, as the attorneys have multiple high-profile lawsuits right now that stem from the crypto industry. The publication Bloomberg Law recently called the firm a “litigation boutique” that specializes in cryptocurrency cases. The two cases Roche Cyrulnik Freedman have been involved with before Friday’s filing include; the trillion-dollar lawsuit against Tether Limited and the Kleiman v. Wright court case. The case against the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright far exceeds USD 5.1 billion worth of BTC before punitive or treble damages.

The class-action lawsuit filings were initiated by the defendants’ Eric Lee, Chase Williams, and Alexander Clifford. Court filings were found by the offshore news and research outlet, Offshore Alert, a think-tank that distinguishes themselves as offshore financial center experts. Crypto operations being sued by the plaintiffs include KayDex, Quantstamp, KuCoin, HDR Global Trading, BitMEX, B protocol, Status, Block. one, Civic and Binance. Developers and executives like Dan Larimer, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Vinny Lingham, Arthur Hayes, and Brendan Blumer are all mentioned in each court filing. The class-action lawsuits filed, mentions the allegation of “unlicensed activity” and the sale of unregistered securities through initial coin offerings (ICO) or initial exchange offerings (IEO).

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