$100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy

$100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy
Better performance Cashfusion From Coinjoin

Cashfusion Provides Greater Privacy Than Traditional Coinjoin Protocols

Cashfusion has been considered a powerful tool when it comes to obfuscating bitcoin cash transactions and ensuring privacy. The project made a lot of headway last year and into the new year as well as 3,139 Fusions have been processed since November 28, 2019. Furthermore, Cashfusion has also been complemented by well-known privacy advocates like the creator of the Wasabi Wallet. On January 29, data analyst James Waugh sifted through a number of Cashfusion transaction inputs and outputs and realized that it’s “not possible to establish a concrete link” between them. The Cashfusion protocol is an extension of Cashshuffle, which adds a greater layer of privacy to BCH transactions. However, if a shuffling participant mixes their BCH and eventually consolidates the UTXOs, it’s possible the transaction can leave behind some clues for blockchain analysis.

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